Own A Farm? The ‘Trash Mafia’ Could Be Coming to You Next

If you thought owning your own land would increase peace of mind and present less of a risk in terms of being a target of organised crime, it is time to think again. According to The Times, industrial-scale fly-tipping is leaving Essex farmers in a constant state of anxiety, with regular lorries loaded with super-sized skips being driven into their fields come dark and spewing out compacted waste worth up to £1 billion a year.

With 116 cases already recorded in and around the Essex area alone, the National Farmers Union is desperate to raise awareness to home and landowners across the country to ensure the lives of innocent individuals trying to earn an honest living and/or raise a family are not left to pick up the pieces like so many others have had to already.

Much like any modern day issue, a sole solution is yet to be found. But a key contributing factor is, of course, the increasing fees for legal disposal of waste. At current, legal waste disposal can be damaging for many businesses, and illegal fly-tipping can be extremely profitable. Until this changes, there’s little incentive for those who have already adopted and (directly benefitted) from unlawful waste management ‘solutions'.

For now, managers, farmers, occupiers or owners of private property are responsible for protecting their land. And as we’ve mentioned many times before, will be fined ‘accordingly’ if they fail to do so. Only in the rare case that a successful prosecution is brought will you be reimbursed for the clear-up costs. With this in mind, preventing your property from looking approachable and being accessible is one of the most important things you can do to safeguard yourself, physically and financially.

There are a few things you can do to deter fly-tippers and avoid an unfair penalty fee, such as:

  • Improve entrance visibility
  • Put up gates, barriers and barbed wire
  • Install high-quality CCTV
  • Hire security patrols
  • Display deterrence signs
  • Join forces with your neighbours
  • Ensure your site is well managed

Organised gangs of fly-tippers are serious criminals, and have become savvy in their victim selection. For this reason, it is vital that you report any suspicious activity or fly-tipped waste to the relevant authority immediately, without hesitation. This helps with investigations.

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