What We Do

Broad Fuels offer a comprehensive portfolio of fuel management services covering a range of alternative fuels, including; RDF, SRF, TDF and Biomass material for use within cement industries and the wider Energy Recovery markets in the UK and Europe.

We work with a network of fully audited European logistics partners to deliver onsite services (e.g. baling and wrapping), road transport, port services and shipping logistics.

Our experienced team also offers consultancy services helping customers to maximise the commercial and environmental value of their fuel and to develop new cost effective and compliant off-take solutions.

Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

Broad Fuels is a key supplier to the renewable energy market both here in the UK and throughout Europe. We supply sustainable feedstock services to biomass and energy from waste operators.

Our sustainable supply chain services team enable UK fuel producers to benefit from alternative routes for their products, often in new and developing markets, which would be too time consuming and expensive to realise themselves.

Our team's operational and technical experience enables us to manage and support the transition of customers' fuel production from RDF to higher specification fuels, including Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) and Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF).

This transition management opens new markets in other energy intensive industries such as the paper and pulp industry and cement manufacturing, which require a higher quality and more consistent product.

This offers significantly improved gate fees and the opportunity to develop secure and long-term off-take solutions to enable businesses to work to meet their emissions and sustainable energy targets.

We can provide the following key services:

  • Sustainable Fuels
  • Logistics Services
  • Supply Chain Insurance 

Service Sheet Downloads

  • Broad Fuels - Sustainable Fuels Download
  • Broad Fuels - Logistic Services Download

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