About Broad Group

The Broad Group aspires to the goal of preserving the environment and creating a cleaner and more sustainable future. It is at the heart of everything we do.

As recognised industry leaders and the first choice partner for many businesses nationwide, we are in a unique position to deliver advice and support to businesses affected by waste crime, those wishing to develop their own renewable energy project, or businesses looking for a sustainable feedstock supply chain solution.

Our experienced team provides support and advice to businesses of all sizes on their waste management and sustainable energy objectives, from small holding farms through to some of the world’s largest commercial estate agents.

As a group of innovative companies we understand the importance of developing an agile and sustainable business model that supports and harnesses growth whilst ensuring sound environmental practice.

We are strong advocates of developing the wider circular economy in line with the waste hierarchy, working with both upstream and downstream waste management service providers to ensure all possible value and recyclable materials are extracted from waste materials.

Who we work with