2017 Spring Budget: Government Unveils Heightened Recycling & Recovery Targets

With the unveiling of the 2017 Spring Budget comes Government confirmation of the new target rates for packaging recycling up until 2020. A consultation process began back in December 2016, to determine the future goals for each set of packaging material.

A target of 64% (up from 2017’s level of 55%) has been set for aluminium. For steel, the target is 85%, up from 76% as current. The target for paper will rise to 75%, an increase from its present 69.5%. And most notably, wood packaging will be subject to the biggest rise – from 22% to 47% by 2020.

Looking at the proposed stats as a whole, the overall recycling and recovery target will rise to 82% by 2020. The targets for plastic and glass, as outlined in the 2016 budget, remain the same – 57% for plastic up and 80% for glass by 2020.

The targets are designed to put the UK at the forefront of the EU’s Circular Economy package proposals, which sets an ambitious benchmark of recycling 75% of all packaging by 2030. For all to go according to plan, the government requires complete compliance. After all, packaging materials account for 20% of all household waste streams…

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