The Problem

For 7 years, a notorious 40ft rubbish heap was an eye sore in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands for its surrounding residents, after the previous operator on the site closed its business. After a lengthy court battle, the Director of the company who ran the site was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in Dec 2013 after failing to heed notices from the Environment Agency to clear the site. In January 2016 after a period of discussions with the Environment Agency and the council, the landowner was left with the arduous task of having to seek and appoint an experienced waste management partner and personally finance the clearance of the site. In February 2016 Broad Environmental was selected to undertake the site clearance.

What We Did

As an experienced waste management business Broad Environmental was able to quickly mobilise the site with the required machinery and qualified staff in order to being processing the material ready for removal. The process included the tromelling of all material to remove and recover the recyclable commodities including; biomass, aggregates, soils and plastics.

Who We Worked With

We worked on behalf of the landowner, their appointed agents CBRE and the Environment Agency, providing all parties with a fully compliant, transparent and auditable material removal process.

What They Said

The Future

Following the site clearance, the landlord has been successful in obtaining a planning application to redevelop the site with a new affordable housing scheme, helping to add to regeneration of the central town area within Brierley Hill.

About Broad Environmental

Broad Environmental is an industry leading environmental service provider, providing a range of waste management and land remediation services to businesses throughout the UK.

Our services provide our clients with an adaptive, responsive and flexible approach to their waste management requirements. Our experienced team have developed a range of compliant material management services which have been established to manage our clients wide and comprehensive range of waste materials.

We deliver a compliant and transparent service model allowing customers to see how materials are first analysed to determine the most effective processing method before being recovered or disposed of. All material processing and onward transportation are managed in line with the waste hierarchy and the industry's duty of care obligations.

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