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Industry and Manufacturing

Manufacturers are large consumers of energy; making energy costs a large proportion of their operating overheads.

Managing and reducing energy usage is the most sustainable way to deal with rising energy costs.  With a strategic approach to energy management, manufacturers can mitigate rising energy prices, manage risk and respond to increasing legislative pressures.

We help our clients to optimise the efficiency of their current operations with our energy consultancy services. 

We can also provide a wide range of highly efficient, cost-saving technologies that aim to minimise your costs and maximise energy efficiency, including CHP, energy efficient lighting, anaerobic digestion and building energy management systems.

With large volumes of energy to procure, factors such as the timing, type and length of your energy contracts are important to get right, to ensure you secure the most suitable deal for your business.

We act as your end-to-end partner for both purchasing and consumption management, allowing you to concentrate on your day-to-day business.

For more information on our renewable energy services and to take advantage of a free energy audit and feasibility study, please contact;

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