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Own A Farm? The ‘Trash Mafia’ Could Be Coming to You Next

18 May 2017

If you thought owning your own land would increase peace of mind and present less of a risk in terms of being a target of organised crime, it is time to think again. According to The Times, industrial-scale fly tipping is leaving Essex farmers in a constant state of anxiety, with regular lorries loaded with super-sized skips being driven into their fields come dark and spewing out compacted waste worth up to £1 billion a year.

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UK Treasury Announces New Landfill Tax Rates for The Next TWO Years!

04 May 2017

Alongside the release of the 2017 Spring Budget, the Treasury publicised potential plans for imposing a landfill tax on illegal disposals of waste. A consultation that began on March  20 th ,  confirmed of the Landfill Tax rate of £88.95 per tonne (for standard rate material) has already been obtained and will be brought into effect from April 1st, 2018.

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How to Reduce Your Office Waste

31 March 2017

There are major concerns about the vast amount of material being sent to local landfills – that is no secret. With the ever-rising threat of global warming now hard to ignore, it has become vital that each and every one of us take on a personal responsibility to reduce waste and recycle everything we possibly can. ?

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RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) Explained

14 March 2017

In recent years, collecting materials for recycling has become common practice in households, small businesses and large organisations worldwide. By now it is fair to say we are all aware of the issues and facts surrounding landfill (maybe with thanks to our previous post) but how much do you know about the alternative methods now being used?

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2017’s First Parliamentary POSTnote on Environmental Crime

02 March 2017

The recent release of a new Parliamentary POSTnote (first published January 31st) has been much awaited by renewable energy, waste management and supply chain leaders, all reliant on the agreement of a universal definition for Environmental Crimes to operate with complete clarity, worldwide.

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