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How to Reduce Your Office Waste

31 March 2017

There are major concerns about the vast amount of material being sent to local landfills – that is no secret. With the ever-rising threat of global warming now hard to ignore, it has become vital that each and every one of us take on a personal responsibility to reduce waste and recycle everything we possibly can. ?

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RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) Explained

14 March 2017

In recent years, collecting materials for recycling has become common practice in households, small businesses and large organisations worldwide. By now it is fair to say we are all aware of the issues and facts surrounding landfill (maybe with thanks to our previous post) but how much do you know about the alternative methods now being used?

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2017’s First Parliamentary POSTnote on Environmental Crime

02 March 2017

The recent release of a new Parliamentary POSTnote (first published January 31st) has been much awaited by renewable energy, waste management and supply chain leaders, all reliant on the agreement of a universal definition for Environmental Crimes to operate with complete clarity, worldwide.

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What is ERF?

22 February 2017

Global warming, nuclear energy, greenhouse gasses, fracking, oil and coal are widely deliberated topics, with environmentally safe sustainable options for waste management often at the forefront of all discussions. Landfills are and will continue to be a major concern, as they release leachate, Methane and carbon dioxide into atmosphere. Such gasses are highly harmful to our health. Luckily, there is a solution. And better yet, it’s one that poses no threat to our communities, individuals or environment as a whole. 

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The Growing Problem of Waste Abandonment

14 February 2017

Since 2013, the UK has spent over £500million each year to address this issue and support those affected. We have seen landlords and landowners fall victim to waste crime operators, councils restricted access to civic amenity sites and small businesses stretched and exploited by disposal and recycling facilities.

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Landfill - The Facts

10 February 2017

In a world where we produce over twenty times more plastic today than we did 50 years ago and the average UK citizen throws away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks, there is a growing concern for the harm that landfills can cause.

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